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Commission Calculator

Interested to know how much more money you would have made if you were with Key Realty last year? Simply enter the number of homes you sold, the average sales price, average commission and your current fees!

Commission Calculator
  Commission Calculator       Key Realty Business Model
Number of Homes Sold ←←←   Number of Homes Sold  
Average price of homes ←←←   Average price of homes  
Average commission ←←←   Average commission  
Total Sales Volume   Total Sales Volume  
Your Commission Percentage ←←←   Your Commission Percentage 100% - $4200  
Franchise Fees ←←←   Franchise Fees 0  
Monthly Fees ←←←   Monthly Fees 0  
Other Monthly Fees ←←←   Other Fees 0  
Total Gross Commissions   Total Gross Commissions  
Total Commissions to you   Total Commissions to You  
Total Commissions to broker   Total Commissions to Broker $4,200  
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