Key Realty / Key Realty One


"I made $32,000 more dollars my first year at Key Realty."

                                                                                     - Lisa Van Dootingh

"I listed 23 houses in my first 90 days in the real estate business,"

                                                                                                - Alfred Abed

"By the end of my first year, I was in the top 10% of agents nationally and listed 39 houses."

                                                                                                                                                 - Sean Siwa

"The Key Education series is incredible. There is no other program like it in the industry."

                                                                                                                                             - Roger Turner

"Coming to Key Was the best business decision that I ever made."

                                                                                                  - Amanda Gergich

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you how cool I thought the Fast Start classes were. I knew I was going to learn a lot but I never thought I'd actually have fun doing it, no offense of course just classes and fun usually don't go hand in hand in my opinion. I had an absolute blast and the 3 ours each week seemed to fly by. I also gained a lot from the other agents questions and suggestions which I think is critical for new people like me. I'm hoping there's going to be more training classes that I can attend soon so please let me know if and when because I would love to be there"

"Fast Start is a great program. I was impressed with the information and love watching the role plays and the sharing of experiences. "

"The best part was reviewing the purchase and listing contracts, as well as the prospecting information. Great Stuff!"

"Fast Start - thank you for getting me back to the basics and for the refresher course. I think it its great that it is a mix of experienced and new agents"

"Fast Start is the greatest information sessions I have ever seen. Learned so much. Contracts-prospecting-resumes-planning-strategies-farming-technology, it was inspiring! Such great ideas to get me jump started. I liked the slides and the note pages to keep in my binder. I have learned how to plan my day and now have things I'm doing every day to get my real estate business going."

"Fast Start: Contract was very helpful, love the prospecting segment, learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, learn to be confident in my abilities, learn to have a business model (systems), open houses - do as many as possible. "

"Fast Start - the listing presentation and role play was extremely helpful, the idea of having a franchise-like business model for the real estate agent really spoke to me about consistency with clients."

"Fast Start - I've learned so much over the last 5 weeks of Fast Start that it's not even funny! As someone new to this game I feel like the ideas and points have rally put me ahead of the game as far as new agents go. It's nice to know that I have  all these tools at my fingertips. The sales packet and buyers packet we got here at class are awesome! I really enjoyed the positive vibe Fast Start has given me. I fell like there's so much more to learn and I'm truly looking forward to it. After this class wraps up I fully intend to keep the slides and review them regularly."

"I definitely feel as though Fast Start has prepared me for writing contracts, listing presentations, talking with clients, etc. I feel like I was getting helpful information on Tuesday evenings, however it was hit or miss whether or not those subjects correlated to each other week. Fast Start brought structure to my real estate education. Keep doing what you're doing. Lots of valuable information, hints, clues, websites, applications, etc. This list just goes on and on!"

"Fast Start. It shook me and opened my eyes how to start working. I was spinning my wheels in real estate and Fast Start helped me to grip the ground and start working and focus my attention on only one thing at a time. Newsletter, call my buyers old and new and call expireds. This meeting excites me for tomorrow and the rest of the week to work."

​ "This program was a chance to reflect on our entire way of doing business, as well as an overview to what any of us have operated in the past years. Different perspectives are always interesting to look into. The contracts review was incredible, the scripts were outstanding, the outreach with emails and personal contact were great. Any agent can use this program, new or seasoned. Pointing out the obvious can be helpful. I understand that the only thing holding you back is you."

"Impressions on Fast Start - I feel comfortable with starting my business upon licensure. Continue to assist with guidance and shifting the traditional paradigm of how to be a salesperson and to be an owner. Developing systems that fit your plan. The systems will help you work your plan and for your plan to work"